Volume & Issue: Volume 50, Issue 4 - Serial Number 94, March 2021, Pages 1455-1918 
A Framework for Clustering of Micro Grids in Energy Smart Grids using the Apollonius Circle

Pages 1511-1520

Sh. Pourbahrami; L. Mohammad khanli; H. Moradfam; B. Mohammadi Ivatloo

A New Feature Selection Method Based on Fuzzy Updated Particle Swarm Optimization

Pages 1557-1567

S. Heidari Moghaddam Bajestani; S. Shaerbaf Tabrizi; A. Ghazikhani

Interacting Nonlinear Observers for Sensor and Actuator Fault Diagnosis in a Satellite System

Pages 1709-1722

N. Sadeghzadeh-Nokhodberiz; B. Soltani; M. Mirzaei Teshnizi; M. Pasand

High-speed Noise Reduction in SAR Images Using Sparse Representation

Pages 1723-1733

J. abbasi aghamaleki; M. M. Mousavi Shushtari

Lung Nodule Detection Using Fuzzy-Tsallis Entropy and SVM

Pages 1757-1771

A. Ghanbari; A.M . Latif; M. Rezaeian; A. R. Shakibafard

Original Article

Perceptual Associative Classifier based on Extended Fuzzy Logic

Pages 1773-1784

M. Kadkhoda; M.-R Akbarzadeh-T; F. Sabahi

Flux Angle Control to Improve the Efficiency of Induction Motors

Pages 1785-1795

M. R. Mohebbi; D. Arab Khaburi; M. Khosravi

A New Method for Reliability Evaluation of Active Networks

Pages 1797-1809

S. Mohammadi; J. Moshtagh; Hemin Golpira

Sub-Optimal Control of Uncertain Linear Switching Systems

Pages 1909-1918

M. Baluchzadeh; A. Karimpour; N. Pariz