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در دست تکمیل






 QDFSN : QoS-enabled Dynamic and Programmable Framework for SDN

 Darmani، Yousef. Sangelaji، Mehrdad




A Novel Multi-objective Particle Swarm Algorithm Based on a Neighborhood to Search Depth in Task Scheduling by Considering a New Security Model

 Mehravaran، Maedeh. Adibnia، Fazlollah. pajoohan، Mohammad-Reza




Improving Coordination and Operating Speed of Overcurrent Relay against Contingency of Presence of Distributed Generators

 abbas saberi n,gabi. 

Hatefi Torshizi، Nader
Najafi، Hamidreza





A New Fault-Tolerant Control of Wind Turbine Pitch System Based on ANN Model and Robust and Optimal Development of MRAC Method

 رفان، محمد حسین

Dameshghi، Adel
کمرزرین، مهرنوش




Reference spur suppression in the Integer-N frequency synthesizers by reducing periodic ripples amplitude on the VCO control voltage


Jahangirzadeh، Sakineh
Amirabadi، Amir
Farrokhi، Ali




An area-efficient broadband balun LNA mixer front-end for multi-standard receivers


eskandari، razieh
ابراهیمی، افشین 
فرجی بگتاش، حسن




Design and Simulation of a Slice-Rail with Multi Projectile and Coaxial Railguns using 2D-FEM

 بیاتی، محمد سجاد 

Mozafari، Shahab




Identification and Determination of Contribution of Current Harmonics and Unbalance in Microgrids Equipped with Advanced Metering Infrastructure

 Gharehpetian، GEVORK joorabli، hamed Ghasemzadeh، Saeed ghods، vahid 




T2AS: Topology/Traffic Aware Scheduling to Optimize the End-to-end Delay in IEEE 802.154e-TSCH Networks


Mozaffari Ahrar، Erfan
Nassiri، Mohammad 





Alpha particle spectrometry with CMOS webcam and a SBC

 Ashrafi، Saleh

Hashemzadeh، Reza
Naghshara، Hamid
Kasani، Hadi





Power Transformer FRA Interpretation Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Principal Component Analysis

 بهجت، وحید

Mahvi، Mojtaba
محسنی، حسین





A Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for High Performance Computing


Mahdipour، Elham
Ghasemzadeh، Mohammad 





An Active, Low-Power, 10Gbps, Current-based Transimpedance Amplifier in a Broadband Optical Receiver Front-End
Hosseinisharif، Seyed Ali
Pourahmadi، Majid 
Shayesteh، Mohammad Reza






Time Resource Management in Cognitive Radar Using Adaptive Waveform Design


قدیان، محمد
فاطمی مفرد، رضا
عباسی آرند، بیژن





Electronic Properties of Various Graphene Quantum Dot Structures: an Ab Initio Study

 Ghandchi، Majid Darvish، Ghafar 

Moravvej-Farshi، Mohammad Kazem





Human Action Recognition Using Transfer Learning with Spatio-Temporal Templates


ذبحی، سعیده
المدرسی، سید محمد تقی 
ابوطالبی، وحید




Perceptual Associative Classifier based on Extended Fuzzy Logic

اکبرزاده، محمد رضا 

کدخدا، مهناز
صباحی، فرناز




Adapting Swarm Intelligence Based Methods for Test Data Generation
دژم شهابی، محمدمهدی
بهشتیان، سید احسان
بدیعی، سیدپارسا
اکبری، رضا
موسوی، سید محمد رضا

19  4179  
A Distributed Approach for Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance Feature Selection

 رحمانی، محسن 

شریف نژاد، مونا
غفاریان، حسین

20  4159  
Enhanced Scheme for Allocation of Primary Frequency Control Reserve Based on Grid Characteristics
Mohseni، Adel
Parniani، Mostafa

Ghasemi، Mohammad Amin  
21  4157  
Optimized Adaptive Combined Hierarchical Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Class of Uncertain Under-actuated Time-Varying Systems
احمدی، مرضیه
فرجی، علیرضا