Guide for Authors

Manuscript Submission:

Tabriz Journal of Electrical Engineering (TJEE) utilizes online journal management system to peer review manuscript submissions. All manuscripts are treated as confidential. Each manuscript is peer-reviewed by at least two independent, anonymous expert reviewers.


Style of a Manuscript for Review

Please use the following templates for preparing the English and Farsi manuscripts: Template for English Papers , Template for Farsi Papers 

  • Template: Before submitting the final paper, please check that the format conforms to the above mentioned templates. Specifically, check to make sure that the correct referencing style has been used and the citations are in numerical order throughout the text. If the paper does not meet all of the requirements, it will be sent back for resubmit and the authors will be asked to correct it.
  • Length: Original research papers submitted to the Tabriz Journal of Electrical Engineering should not exceed 10 pages in two-column format. If the manuscript exceed 10 pages, it will be sent back for resubmit and the authors will be asked to correct it.
  • Author names and affiliations: Names and affiliations should immediately follow the title. To avoid confusion, the family name must be written as the last part of each author name and only the first letter of the first name should be used in capital letters (e.g. A. Akbari). Author details must not show any professional title (e.g. Managing Director), any academic title (e.g. Dr.) or any membership of any professional organisation. For multiple-authored articles, list the full names of all the authors, using identifiers to link an author with an affiliation where necessary (eg. A. Akbari1, M. Adib2). The full affiliations of all authors should then be listed. Affiliations should include: the department / faculty name; the name of the university or company; the name of the city; and the name of the country. Email address of all of the authors are required. The corresponding author should be indicated with a *. All co-authors must be listed in submission process.
  • Page Layout: The papers are double column format; one column width is 8cm. All paragraphs must be justified, i.e. both left-justified and right-justified. The paper size of TJEE is A4 with the following page margins. Top: 2cm, Bottom: 2cm, Left: 2cm and Right: 2cm.
  • Font: In the main body of papers, Times New Roman font is used with a font size of 10pt.
  • Section Headings: All section heading should be numbered and no more than 3 levels of headings should be used. Before each section and subsection, an empty row should be used. The first level section headings should be in bold font with font size 10 (e.g. “1. Introduction”). The second and third level section headings should be in italic font with font size 10 (i.e. “4.3 Section Headings and 4.3.1 First Level Headings”).
  • Figures: The supplied figures should have as high as possible quality. A minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) is required. Graphics may be full colour but please make sure that they are appropriate for print (black and white) and online (colour) publication. Figure captions must be below the figure, in 10 pt font and should ideally consist of one sentence.  If a figure has sub-figures, all sub-figures should also have a caption and should be identified by letters, e.g. a, b, c. 



1) The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used a work, this work should be appropriately cited or quoted. Plagiarism takes many forms, from passing off other authors’ paper as the author’s own paper, to copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of other authors’ paper without attribution, to claiming results from research conducted by others. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable

2) Before submission, please check the similarity of prepared manuscript with the literature by iThenticate or Turnitin plagiarism checker software to prevent plagiarism. The similarity of submitted manuscript should be less than 20%. 


First Submission 

The following files are required during first submission: 1) Both the Word (.docx) and PDF (.pdf) files of main manuscript, 2) Signed Copyright Form (in PDF).

a) Please rename the main manuscript as "TJEE-yy-mm-dd.docx" and "TJEE-yy-mm-dd.pdf", where yy: Year, mm: Month, dd: Day. As an example for English and Farsi papers: "TJEE-2021-10-05" and "TJEE-1400-07-14", respectively. 
b) Please upload the word file of paper (TJEE-yy-mm-dd.docx) through "Main Manuscript File" and the PDF file of paper (TJEE-yy-mm-dd.pdf) through "Supplementary File" options.
c) Please fill out and sign the Copyright Form and upload its PDF through "Supplementary File" option.
d) Please avoid uploading any other unnecessary file such as "Figures", "Tables", "Tex/Latex Files", "Graphical Abstract" and so on.
e) Introducing at least 4 "suggested reviewers" is necessary in first submission. The suggested reviewers should be academic staff with at least "Assistant Professor" position.
f) The required fonts can be downloaded from the following link: TJEE Fonts.


During revision submission, the following files are required:

1) Both the "Word and PDF files of Revised Manuscript", in which the changes have been highlighted. Highlight all changes made in the revised manuscript by either using colored fonts or any other marker. To improve the readability, please use different color for addressing the comments of specified reviewer.

2) "Response to the Reviewers File", which is a separate document listing the changes made in the revised manuscript and explaining how these changes effectively address all reviewer's and editor's comments. 


Acceptance and Publication Cost

1) The accepted papers (written by Iranian authors) up to 12 pages for persian papers and u to 10 pages for English papers must pay 6,000,000 Rial as the article processing and publication charge (APC).

2) Please do the payment through .

3) Please note that for over length papers (more than 10 pages), the authors will be charged for each additional page. 

4) To Finalize the process and confirm the payment, please send the payment receipt via email address of

5) For Internet payment, please use the following: University of Tabriz Website - Organizational Units - Financial Systems - Online Funds Payment Form - Central Library Selection - Electrical Magazine Selection and Estimated Fee Payment and Send Receipt to Magazine Email Address.