An Ultra Wide Bandpass Filter with Wide Stop Band Based on Metamaterial Structures


1 Electrical Engineering Department, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran

2 EElectrical Engineering Department, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran


In this paper, a new ultra wide band (UWB) filter with wide stop band, based on metamaterial structures is presented. At first, a new metamaterial unit cell including interdigital capacitor and short -circuited stub is repented. inductance and decreasing the right handed capacitance of the structure, two stable poles in the unit cell, which called resonator, are produced. Finally, by cascading five introduced resonators, an UWB filter with pass band from 2.8 GHz to 13.2 GHz and stop band from 14.7GHz to17 GHz is presented. The total size of the proposed filter is 30mm 8.85mm so that its size is more smaller in comparison with many other existing UWB filters.


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