Parameter Estimation of Binary BCH Code in Noisy Case using the Parity-Check Bits-based Method


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


This paper studies the problem of binary BCH code parameters estimation in noisy scenario. Despite the importance of this issue in such areas as the design of cognitive radio receiver, so far just a few methods have been proposed to solve it. All these methods are based on the BCH code generator polynomials roots and factors, and hence, are effective only in the very low noise. This paper proposes a new effective algebraic method to identify the BCH code parameters. In this method, the parameter estimation is performed based on the test of a few BCH codes. For each of these codes, the parity check bits are generated again by the message bits, and then compared with the parity check bits of received code word. The Decision criterion is the number of differences between the parity check bits. To do this, the number of unequal bits should be compared with a threshold. In this paper, we analytically compute the probability distribution of unequal parity check bits number and then propose an appropriate threshold. The simulation results show that the performance of proposed method is much higher than the previous methods.